WebImage miner

Extract emails for marketing promotion campaigns

Webimage miner is a software can help you easily find, download, view and save the images from web sites or multi search engines: Yahoo, Google, AlltheWeb. Webimage miner makes the process simple, easy and automated.It offers several filter options that allow you to limit the results.

Key features:

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Fully automated, multithreaded web robot.
  • Powerful filter mechanism: url filter.
  • Support searching and downloading image files from a special web site.
  • Support searching and downloading small or full size image files from multi Search Engines :Yahoo,Google,AllTheWeb.
  • Support standard Internet image file formats: *.gif , *.jpg ,*.jpeg, *.xbm,*.png, *.bmp , *.gif (animated ).
  • Support auto show and full screen show.
  • Support Globe Setting.

WebImage miner


WebImage miner 2.40